Faces of AMRE: William Tompkins

    Originally starting for the income opportunity, William Tompkins has been in Real Estate for 11 years now. He started working with Adam Merrick in May of 2012. On top of Real Estate, William loves to volunteer at RED Arrow Archery where he teaches kids archery and spiritual skills. He’s also a emcee at Highview Church of God. Everyday he looks forward to having fun and showing love toward those around him.

    “My passion in life is adding value to other’s lives and that starts at home with my daughters. This is how I make the world a better place”

    Tell us more about your volunteer work at RED Arrow Archery

    I actually got the RED Arrow Archery started and have someone else running it now. I wanted to start it because I love shooting archery. My daughters enjoy it just as much as I do, so it’s something fun for us to do together. It’s a growing sport, and very few places offer a program that supplies the equipment and teaches the fundamentals. Along with archery, we teach spiritual lessons from the bible and this is what I am currently in charge of. I make spiritual truths fun, and bring it to life for kids. I’m passionate about public speaking, and this is an area where I can use that strength.

    Is there anything you are looking forward to this year?

    I would like to become more proficient at playing the drums and completing the Spartan Trifecta.

    Who inspires you?

    Any person around me that strives to live their best life. Tony Robbins is a great example, he is all about living your best life and gives the tools to push you through the things that hold you back. Another inspiration of mine is Jocko Willink. A Navy Seal that uses his strengths to build teams, and shows people how to work together for the common good/goal of everyone.

    Why AMRE?

    Adam Merrick mentored me when I first got into real estate, and I’ve always enjoyed his enthusiasm and work ethic. I’ve learned a lot from working here. For example, I’ve learned that constant communication is the grease that keeps everything running on all cylinders, and to prioritize. Working as hard as we do, I’ve learned how precious time is. Also working with the high level people on our team pushes me to be a better person, and I’m truly grateful for that. I really do feel like I have become a better person because of this team.


    We enjoy having you on the team Will! We are so lucky to have you – AMRE Team


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