INTRODUCING: Joseph Butler, Listing Specialist

    Joseph was born in Redwood City, CA a suburb of San Francisco and moved to Illinois when he was still very young.  His father’s family is from Peoria so he has always had a connection here.  Joseph did a myriad of jobs before Real Estate, most of which were in a customer service field.  One of the more interesting jobs was working on a Cattle ranch the summer after graduating High School. He decided he wanted to go into Real Estate because the customer service background that he had made it a natural fit.  That, and everyone said that he would be great because he has a calming effect on people. Joseph had a friend in real estate that told him to come here because of the excellent training.  But Joesph said he came for the training, but stayed because of the culture.


    “The professional, friendly, and helpful team culture is like no other corporate culture that I have ever experienced.  It is truly unique in the business world.”


    Joseph said that in the small amount of time at Adam Merrick Real Estate, he has learned that a group of people can work together without the negativity that pervades most business workplaces.


    “My advice to anyone thinking about getting into Real Estate is to pay attention in your real estate classes and that you never stop learning no matter how long you have been in the business.”


    We are so happy you joined the AMRE family!

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