INTRODUCING: Justin Carpenter, Listing Specialist


    Before Adam Merrick Real Estate, Justin worked as a retail store manager in Schaumburg, IL. Justin decided to go into Real Estate the day he decided he wanted a profession that would challenge himself personally and professionally. He says that he chose Adam Merrick Real Estate because every place of business claims to have a culture cultivated towards the best interests of their employees, but was humbly impressed by the culture instilled within Adam Merrick Real Estate. Justin says he has never worked for a business who genuinely cared for your professional success, as much as your personal well being. He also would like to mention to anyone considering a career in Real Estate, especially at Adam Merrick Real Estate, to make the transition sooner rather than later. The support system is second to none and the opportunities are plentiful.


    “Real Estate provides me with a sense of entrepreneurial freedom that allows me to escape the monotonous strain and burn out of a 9-5 job.”


    Welcome to the AMRE Family, Justin! We are so excited to have you!






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