One Thing Two of Our Buyer Specialists Want You to Know

    Two of our team’s up-and-coming buyer’s specialists have some often-overlooked advice for both buyers and sellers today.
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    Seated next to me today are buyer’s specialists Michelle Tribe and Alex Rumer. They’re both newer additions to our team and the real estate industry in general, but that hasn’t slowed their success: In just 10 months, they’ve done 30 to 40 transactions each.

    I invited them on today to hear their thoughts on the one thing they wish buyers or sellers knew but hasn’t turned out to be common knowledge.

    Michelle says that she wishes buyers were aware of just how important it is to speak with a lender before house-hunting. Getting this taken care of right away will give you a deeper understanding of your buying power in today’s market, and it’s also a great way to learn about financing programs or even grants that you’d otherwise be in the dark about.

    As a buyer, it can be disheartening to find a home you love, only to lose out on the opportunity because another well-prepared buyer came to the table with a pre-approval letter and you didn’t. None of us want to see that happen, so don’t wait to meet with a lender.


    Don’t wait to meet with a lender.


    Alex agrees with Michelle’s sentiments and adds that buyers and sellers must recognize the importance of the agent interviewing process. No matter which side of the transaction you find yourself on, choosing a highly skilled agent to represent you can be one of the biggest contributors to your success.

    Alex has worked with clients who’ve had less-than-ideal experiences with agents in the past, and it’s made them wary of working with anyone else, so doing ample research to figure out the best fit for you will ensure the smoothest, most enjoyable experience.

    If you’re planning to buy or sell anytime soon and you’re looking for a highly skilled agent to have at your side throughout the process, please reach out to either Adam or Michelle by visiting our website or by calling us at (309) 282-1000. We hope to hear from you soon.

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