These 5 Sensors Could Save You Thousands

    Here are five types of smart sensors that could save you thousands of dollars.
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    Over the past few years, we’ve seen the advent of some amazing home gadgets, including a few that can save you some real money and a lot of hassle. Let’s take a look at the best sensors available:

    1. Water sensors. Water damage is the most common household disaster, and modern water sensors like iHome and Fibaro can help with this. The water sensors are placed near potentially leaky appliances like a water pipe, a sump pump, or even a fish tank; if something were to go wrong and your sensor detects water, you’ll be notified on your smartphone or on the web platform.

    2. Freeze sensors. Even when water isn’t running, it can cause a ton of damage by freezing inside your pipes and causing leaks and ruptures. Freeze sensors from companies like Honeywell and Roost help prevent this by notifying you when the freeze reaches a critical level.

    3. Smart smoke detectors. The problem with standard smoke detectors is that you have to be present to hear the alarm go off. Smart smoke detectors like the Nest Protect take it a step further by alerting you through your smartphone or web platform. That way, you can either call the fire department or a trusted neighbor to have them assess the situation.

    4. Temperature sensors. There are several rooms in a house that might need to be kept at a certain temperature, like a nursery, pet enclosure, or even a wine room. Smart temperature sensors monitor the temperature of these areas and notify you when the temperature deviates from the range you set.

    5. Contact sensors. These sensors notify you when either a window or a door has been opened or closed, making them good for general home security as well as for ensuring that kids and pets aren’t going into places they shouldn’t be.


    You could potentially save thousands by
    averting damages as well as a lot of hassle.


    If you’re looking to sell your home, many buyers will look favorably on a modern home equipped with some of these safety devices.

    If you have any questions about these small yet valuable improvements that you can make or getting your home ready for the spring market, we can help you by giving you a free home evaluation on your property. Give us a call today! We’d love to hear from you.

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