Two Former Solo Agents Discuss Their Transition to a Team

    Joining a real estate team has some great benefits for agents who have been working on their own.
    Here are two of our own agents who have followed this path and seen success.
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    Today I’m joined by two agents who have been in the real estate industry for quite some time. Cathy Algas has been in the business for about 18 years, while William Tompkins has been in the business for about 13. They’ve both been independent agents in the past, but now they’re on our team. Why did they make the switch?

    For Cathy, she found that she was busy, but not growing as fast as she wanted to. She determined that if she could team up with other people with the same ambitions, she could grow things at a quicker pace. She’s been able to focus on the buyer side of the business, and it has worked out great for her. She’s comfortable with her pace and the business she’s bringing in.


    Our team allows agents to focus on what they do best.


    As for William, being an independent contractor had a lot of ups and downs. On a team, however, business is more regular so he can focus on what he does best: working with sellers. It has allowed him to work at a much higher level than he could have on his own.

    Our team allows these fantastic agents to focus on what they do best and become top performers in the area because of that. If you have any questions about our team or the real estate business in general, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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