Zenna Murphy: Closing Coordinator

    Each month in our office, a team member is selected by their peers to be awarded the “Ryan Closen Memorial Culture Award.” These elite members have shown exceptional team culture and continue to carry on Ryan’s caring and team-focused attitude. For the month of September, Zenna Murphy was selected as the recipient.

    Zenna is a Closing Coordinator on our team, but when asked what keeps her busy – she doesn’t hesitate to mention her family. Zenna is a mother to three beautiful girls who keep her plate full with various sports such as volleyball, basketball, and softball. She tells us that having such active girls can be hectic at times, but that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her ultimate passion to making sure her girls are fulfilling all of their passions.

    “When you play a sport, you don’t want to be the best player on the worst team – there is no room for growth. Instead you should strive to be a part of the best team. Grow with them. Learn from them. Then you win together. I chose AMRE to be a part of the best team.”

    We are beyond proud to have been able to present this award to such a deserving team member. Zenna tells us that she is humbled to have accepted this award from her colleagues.

    “It’s humbling to know that the same team I gain inspiration from, believes that I portray this mission daily.”

    We appreciate all that you do for our team, Zenna! We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

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