Mackinaw Real Estate

    Mackinaw real estate is located in a small village in Tazewell County, Illinois. This village has a history dating back to the Native Americans that lived here prior to the formation of the county in 1827. It was at this time that the village was surveyed and became a legal municipality. The population of Mackinaw is 4,107 and the first building believed to have been constructed here was the Mackinaw Inn. The Pendergast Inn was built in 1845 and was well known as Abraham Lincoln often stayed here. Mackinaw homes for sale include many that were built from 1970 to 1994 and well-established residences that were built from 1940 to 1969. There are historic homes in Mackinaw that were constructed before 1939.

    Part of the history of this area can be found on the north side of Mackinaw. This is the location of the depot for the Illinois Terminal Railroad and was the first building within the county to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building was last used as a train depot in 1953. This building is one of only a few examples of Spanish-style architecture left in the state. It belonged to the historical society until 1998, when a family in the area purchased it and turned it into a tea room and floral shop.

    Residents of Mackinaw real estate are served by two school districts. Morton CUSD 709 School District includes 6 schools with an enrollment of approximately 2,784 students and Deer Creek-Mackinaw CUSD School District 701 has three schools with an enrollment of 1,139 students. One of the residential areas in the village is Heritage Lake. This community was built in 1968 and was originally known as Maraldo Lake. It contains about 300 homes with many constructed within the last 15 years and about 75 were built in the last five. Heritage Lake is not only a rural residential area, but a recreational area as well. Although the subdivision is managed by a Homeowner’s Association, it is not incorporated.

    A refreshing selection of shops beckons to shoppers. The avenues of Mackinaw City offer everything from nostalgia to collectibles. The home town warmth of shop owners blends with the finest merchandise available in offering guests a genuine shopping treat.

    Mackinaw real estate is an attractive option for families with school age children, young professionals and retirees. The central location within the state with access to Interstates 55, 74 and 155, highly acclaimed schools and a variety of recreation are all aspects that make the city a popular choice among those who are relocating.


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