Client Testimonials


    Adam was able to sell our condo in 5 days! The process of getting the offer went very smooth. From there it was coordination between our listing agent and the closing coordinator to get to closing. There were a few times where communication between all parties involved could have been a little  better, but all in all it was a great experience. I would use Adam Merrick in the future for sure. We’ve already recommended him to another friend of ours and he was able to sell there home in 8 days.

    Zillow Client

    We signed papers to list our house on June 5 and accepted an offer on the house June 18! We were updated on our listing weekly and notified when there was to be a showing. We liked having the feedback on the house showings to give us an idea of what prospective buyers thought of the house. This  was an excellent process for us and we are very happy with the Adam Merrick real estate agency.

    Zillow Client

    In the area,  I believe Adam is more known for selling homes; however, we worked with his team to buy our first home and the experience was as easier and more pleasant than I ever would have imagined. Our buyers agent, and the Merrick team are superior in their knowledge of the home-buying  process (which of course as a first time buyer I was nervous about). We were kept up to date on all details of the process with prompt communication from our offer acceptance to our inspections and closing detail. The professionals (financing and insurance) Adam’s team works with in the area also provided us with excellent service. We don’t regret any aspect of working with Travis B., our buyers agent, and the Adam Merrick Team. Would definitely recommend

    Zillow Client

    I had a very pleasant experience working with Adam and the Merrick Team. I was very impressed with the knowledge Adam had about the market and his prompt attention when I had questions for him. I was rubbed the wrong way in the past by an agent, so it was so nice to have a genuine professional help  me market and sell my home. I recommend him to anyone looking to buy and sell a home!

    Good job Adam!


    Kaiser Family

    Prior to the Merrick Group, I’d had (2) other realtors attempt selling my home with a total of (4) viewings during the year and a half they had it. Virtually “No” advertising, very little, if any, feedback and left lights on after (2) of the showings. One realtor didn’t even have E-mail. After  the Merrick group solicited me, I was a little leery by what happened in the past but since it was December, I thought what the heck and gave them a chance. They had more traffic come thru the 1st month than both prior realtors had in 1-1/2 years. This home is in a small town and 20 miles from Peoria so homes just don’t move as quickly. Anyway, I was impressed and new we were on the right track and in 5 month’s, this included the brutal Winter we had, home was sold and the Merrick group and I must say this, PROFESSIONALLY, handled everything necessary to make the closing a breeze. Thank you Merrick Group for a job well done!!! I’ll definitely spread the word!.

    Zillow Client

    My name is Alton Hortman, President of Altris, Inc. We are private real estate investors. We had a home in Pekin, Illinois that had been sitting vacant for over a year and had been listed with another agent on two different occasions. Adam Merrick’s team found a buyer that was interested in buying  the house. I had asked the prior agent to make sure the furnace was turned on because it was winter and we did no want there to be any pipes bursting. I was out of state and my daughter, who lived locally, gave the previous agent her only key. The agent neglected to turn on the furnace and 7 pipes burst in the house. I scrambled every known source of help I had and we got the house repaired and ready for the HUD inspection. The buyer had car problems and had to use the down payment money to replace their car – and therefore had to back out of the sale. The closing had been planed for March 28th. The Adam Merrick Team swung into action and in a period of 5 weeks had shown the house 11 times and quickly found a new buyer, did all of the inspections, handled the negotiations, and the house closed on June 28th!!! All of this took place in a short 90 days after the first closing was to have taken place! Would I recommend them to help a buyer or seller with their house? You bet I would! Three cheers for the Adam Merrick Team!!!

    Alton Hortman

    We have all seen the billboards and we have all heard the commercials. Adam Merrick will sell your home guaranteed, or he’ll buy it. The team toots their own horn for having the strongest resources available and most dedicated agents in the area. Having worked with Keller Williams realty 3  separate times since 2010, I must say that the team sticks to their guns and delivers on their promises.

    In 2010, I was a first-time home buyer looking to make a splash in the housing market. With more questions than answers, I looked for a team with guidance. One that would make me feel as if I were their best client, wouldn’t patronize my inexperience, and could help me find the house that suited my wants, needs, and more importantly, my budget. In just a few short weeks, my agent, Keesa, found a nice 2-story house with great potential in a quiet part of town. I would spend 3 years renovating this house and calling it “home.”

    3 years later, major life changes called for major home changes. Upon getting engaged and planning a wedding, I had quickly realized my budding family would outgrow the home I recently bought and put hours of work into. It was time for an upsize. Given the stresses of wedding planning and the unstable housing market, I again turned to a team that would make this transition as seamless as possible for my wife (fiancée at the time) and me. Adam Merrick assured that they would handle all the adversities of selling the house for us. It only took a couple of months for our house to sell; much shorter than we had actually anticipated. The exposure our house had from the team’s resources had a very positive impact on how quickly we were able to sell it.

    Coinciding with selling our house, my wife and I were also looking to buy something that was turn-key, close to our jobs, in a quiet part of town, and comfortably in our budget. Given how well my first home purchase went, I decided to work with Keesa once again. My wife and I produced a list of things we were looking for in our next home, and Keesa ran with it. Like gangbusters, we viewed almost a dozen homes in just over a week. Just as we were deciding to slow down our searches and let the market build back up, a house popped up. Hesitantly, my wife and I decided we would look at one more before we would postpone our search. As it turns out, it is the house we fell in love with and will be calling home.

    I can only imagine that the life of a realtor is unpredictable, hectic and stressful. Our Specialist did an amazing job keeping on top of scheduling houses we wanted to see. She was always a phone call or text away from any questions we had.

    Adam Merrick understood the situation and time-crunch we were in when my wife and I decided to sell our house. He warned us of the market situation, but promised the best services to ensure our house would get exposure. You have to respect a person who works for commission, but doesn’t sugar-coat grim situations to the client for his or her own personal gain. Adam is a true professional.

    Their Closing Specialist is a wonderful woman to work with. Upon selling our house, I had thousands of questions, and she took the time to answer every one.

    The Keller Williams Adam Merrick team is a strong, dedicated group of professionals who does whatever it can to put it’s clients first. I am proud to say I am an Adam Merrick three-peat client, and they have earned my trust. If my wife and I hadn’t found a home that we plan to spend many, many years in, I would not hesitate to use them again.

    Zillow Client

    I was unsure of which agent to use when we decided to start looking at houses. My cousin referred me to The Adam Merrick Team. We immediately knew he was the Realtor for us! Everything went very smooth and without any unexpected surprises. The Team was extremely helpful and thorough on  every level. If you are looking for someone to help you buy / sell your home, I highly recommend this organization they are highly motivated to create results!


    Communication was great. He called me every week with updates to tell me what was going on so i was very well informed. they have a great team and i would recommend them


    We used Adam Merrick for both selling and buying our home. We knew we wanted to be an aggressive seller. With the help of Adams team we accomplished selling our home in about 30 days. With our home selling quickly, the buying side was very helpful. We used one the the Merrick Team Buyer Specialists for the buying side. She did a  wonderful job. She spent many hours with us in two days to find the right home for us. She listened to what we were looking for and had many options to look at. We were very impressed with all the work she did for us. We sold on a Tuesday night and found our new home on a Friday morning. When it came to the closing we had Linda working with us. The Closing Specialist stayed on top of everything. She kept the process moving. We had something come up with the buyer of our home and she made sure everything still was a smooth process. Overall we were very pleased with Adam Merrick’s team. They do know the statistics of the areas as far as the prices and they are there for you.

    Liza J

    I was buying my first home and had no idea what I was doing. I was on a very short deadline to find a house and move but Joe made it happen. I was very impressed with the knowledge he had about the market and his prompt attention when I had questions for him. Working with him and finding the  perfect home for my family was a great experience! Also after moving in him and Cindy Carlock were also very helpful and supportive with everything!

    Jessica B

    The Adam Merrick team made the entire process so easy during each step. The entire team is professional, organized, and caring about their customers. As we hadn’t sold or bought a home in 15 years we didn’t really know he process. We were also relocating and didn’t know the area that we wanted to  move to. Our agent  was truly professional throughout the entire process. He spent endless hours driving all over the area with us and learned what type of house and what area we wanted to buy in. His energy and drive shows he is a true professional. The Team Closing Specialist  was so knowledgeable on the process that we felt very at ease throughout the process. She too, was very professional. I would recommend the Adam Merrick team to anyone looking to either list their house or is in need of purchasing a home. The process working with them was so easy and they answered every question that I had during the entire process.

    Roger Goodson

    I met with William of the Adam Merrick Team for an initial presentation on the Team’s sales record and their recommended listing price. The presentation was very professional and there recommended listing price was in the expected range. William clearly explained the basis for the list  price.

    I chose the Adam Merrick Team and listed the house with them November 11, 2013. The Team had photos taken of the property and had the listing on the internet that same week.

    An offer was made December 21 and accepted the next day. Through the efforts of the Adam Merrick Team, we were able to close on December 31, 2013. All of the key Team members worked together to facilitate the speedy completion in spite of the holiday period.


    I had a great experience selling my house with the Merrick Team. I have 3x as many showings in the few weeks it was listed with them than I did in the over six months with my previous realtor. I really appreciated the constant communication I received.


    The Adam Merrick -Keller Williams team have been wonderful to work with. We would recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their home or even buy a home. Very easy to work with and if there are ever any questions they jump on it and work as fast as they can to get back to you with the answer. We  have already recommended this real estate team to a few people already because they were so surprised on how on top of things they are and how fast a house can go on the market and get sold. We have had a great experience with Adam and the entire team.

    Zillow Client

    Adam is a very good person. I liked him as soon as I met him. He sold our property in 5 days!!!! Very impressive. His team does a wonderful job. I felt really comfortable dealing with Adam Merrick. He has a lot of knowledge about everything when selling a home. He wants to sell your home and he  knows a lot of contacts.


    Very good. I expected my home to be a tough sell due to its condition, and originally contacted Adam’s team due to the guaranteed buy program. My home did not qualify, again due to its condition, but despite this his team was willing to help me sell. My home was on the market for roughly a month  before it sold. His team is very skilled, professional, and quick to respond to questions and concerns. I would recommend his team to those looking to sell their home.


    We are investors and have been buying real estate for rental and resale for 20 years so we are fairly aware of the process. We contacted the Merrick Team on a Monday to list a property. The agent met with us on Wednesday. He was well prepared with comps and a suggested pricing. It was on the  market by Friday and on the following Monday we had 3 showings scheduled. We were impressed with the ability to use your phone to look up our property if you just happened by and saw the sign. Our photos were professionally taken and looked great online. The Merrick Team keeps up on current trends and what it takes to sell a home. We could not be happier!

    Zillow Client

    I listed my house for sale with the Adam Merrick team in April 2014. They had my house sold 17 days after it went up for sale. They know the markets in your area and are honest with you about what your house can sell for. They keep in regular contact with you throughout the process so you know what  is going on. I am so glad i chose them.?


    We hired the Adam’s team to sell or house and we were very impressed with our results. Adam was very knowledgeable and down to earth. He gave us accurate, honest advice that caused our home to sell in less than 30 days. We will recommend him to anyone trying to sell their home.


    We were very satisfied with our experience with the Merrick Team. They were extremely helpful in our selling process. We will recommend Adam Merrick to our family and friends. From beginning to end, they were there to help guide us through every step of the process. We cannot thank Adam enough for  his work.


    Adam Merrick’s team was very knowledgable when it came to knowing the area, neighborhoods, as well as surrounding areas. Every member of the team was very responsive and more than willing to make sure things were handled to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Amam Merrick’s team to anyone  moving into the Peoria area.

    Zillow Client

    I was clueless when it came to buying a house/selling my house. I had planned on going the “do it yourself” route but wanted to test out some agents in the Peoria area to be sure I was making the right decision. After trying 5 agents I was ready to give up until I noticed an Adam Merrick billboard  that I had seen on Farmington rd. I had heard about Adam through the radio and friends but wanted to find my own agent. Turns out I wasted a lot of my time searching because Adam was the clear winner. My house was on the market for 21 days with 14 showings!!! I received an offer on 1 out of every 3 showings and Adam was VERY helpful to walk me through each offer. I finally accepted and was out of my old house and into my new house he had showed me during the selling process. His entire team was devoted to my family and I throughout the whole process; He even watched my dog during some of the showings! I would recommend Adam Merrick and his team to EVERYONE trying to buy/sell their house! Your happiness and success means a lot to the Merrick team and it shows!

    Zillow Client

    My experience with the Merrick group was incredible, we started the process in late January of this year and closed in 31 days. They were very responsive and very helpful threw out the whole process. Me personally I would recommend them to all the people I know, you couldn’t ask for a better team  from start to finish.

    Zillow Client

    I had a very positive relationship with the team at Adam Merrick. They sold my house in less than one week at the first showing. After that everything went really smooth.

    Mary Ayler

    I would highly recommend Adam Merrick and his team and we have. He got the job done, we had our house listed with another high profile agent and it did not sell. After Adam took over it sold very quick.

    C Newman

    The Merrick team called me every Friday to give me updates on how the market was doing and the interest in our home. Every time there was a showing we received a text telling us what was going on. It took about three months to sell our home. However, we were selling in a very small town in the  middle of a very hard winter.

    Mr. and Mrs. Harms